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About Us

Welcome to Lovers Parrots the N°1 Parrot Community on the Internet. 

Lovers Parrots was founded with the idea of making the life of our feathered friends happier and safer.

We have passionate people working around the clock to provide you quality, safe and exclusive custom merchandise printed and made in the USA & UK.

Thousands of happy customers have been served so far, we believe that you are the life blood of Lovers Parrots and because of that we always make sure that every customers is 100% satisfied

For any questions please email us at

If you think we could be doing something better please get in touch and let us know. We highly value feedback from customers or potential customers!

Happy shopping!


Address: Apt 12 ETG 5 25 Immeuble B Souda Ave des FAR  Atlas  Agdal, Maroc